Multi-Platform Marketing



Multi-platform (social media) marketing is the process of purchasing impressions (views) on various digital platforms to incite a defined set of desired actions and/or outcomes from a particular target audience.

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Social Media Marketing



Social media marketing is the process of buying impressions (views) on various digital platforms to incite a defined set of desired actions and/or outcomes from a particular target audience.

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No Additional Work For Your Team

Contente requires no work from our Docs in order to get patients in the door economically.


in REVENUE generated from new patients on under $1M spent on ads ENTIRELY HANDS OFF

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We've helped Contente clinics generate:


in REVENUE from new patients on under $1M spent on ads.

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Why Contente?

Because you're tired of the work, cost, inconsistency, and risk of marketing your practice.

Your Ads Are Reviewed and Optimized Weekly

Algorithmic optimizations are performed every week based on data from conglomerated market results, so you can be confident that ad spend isn't being wasted on underperforming ads.

We Optimize Ads Across Platforms

Contente creates visually appealing ads for you on all the relevant top performing platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube) to bring people into your community in mere clicks.

Our Outreach Is Proven To Convert

Done-for-you outreach and engagement within a minute of contacts claiming your offer ensures new leads and long-time patients alike feel heard, valued, and cared for outside your office as much as they are inside it.

Track ROI Down-to-the-Dollar

Our AI algorithm gathers quality feedback from you and fills your office with the patients that you want–not just the ones you need to continue serving your community.

Simple and Transparent Performance Analysis

Your analytics dashboard provides glanceable and meaningful data points that key you into everything you need to know about your performance and return at any point in time with Contente.

Crowdsourced Creative Content

The home page of your dashboard reveals real marketing content alongside the live results. These assets are meant to be replicated, used as inspiration, and can even be directly reused in your own campaigns in some scenarios!

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Hone In On Your Ideal Avatar

Formulate Campaigns & Offer Strategy

Produce & Track Creative Content Performance

Analyze Your Growth with Simple Metrics

Provide Patient Quality Feedback on Bookings

Take The Guesswork Out Of Growth

Every single week, performance across all live campaigns is conglomerated and standardized.

Contente then suggests intelligent iterations expected to achieve a tangible performance increase over the previous version based on relevant market trends.

Our team reviews these creative approaches and implements strategies according to our creative professionals' discretion.

Gone are the days of your marketing agency coming to you for ideas.

No input from you is required to achieve iterative consistency in your ad performance over time.

Contente doesn't change how the market works, we just help you adapt to the market faster and better using data.

Our Offer For Just You

The Multi-Platform Marketing Package:

✓  Unlimited Offer Creation ($497 value)
✓ Weekly Algorithmic Optimizations Across Platforms ($3,000 value)
✓ Free Facebook Fanpage Buildout ($97 value)
✓ Done-For-You Content Funnel Package ($997 value)
✓ Patient-Value Honing Algorithm ($497 value)
✓ Landing Page Performance Optimization Package ($1,000 value)
✓ Access to Contente's Community Engagement Platform  ($297 value)


The Automated Engagement Package:

✓ Online Scheduling Interface Optimization ($497 value)
✓ Automated Scheduling & No-Show Follow-Up ($2,497 value)
✓ Immediate Engaging Outreach Sequencer ($1,997 value)
✓ Custom Contact List & Calendar Integration ($197 value)

Ready to try all this for under $1,000?..

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